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Innovative Gen-Z Influencer Marketing

We connect brands with Gen-Z by harnessing the power of social influence, through TikTok

How can we help you?

First and foremost, we will work alongside your team to understand your brand, products and how we can expose them to the industry. 

Only then, we will be able to assemble our like-minded team of influencers whose content and audiences are most aligned to your brand and niche.

Guaranteed Results!

We offer a GUARANTEED  Return On Ad Spend, or you don't pay us!

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We offer 3 marketing services

Depending on your budget, goals and your brand, our team will aid you in deciding which service is most suitable for you.


Consulting approach

We will teach you and your team how to optimise your social media campaigns, and use influencer marketing to explode your brand.


We run your brand

Our in-house team will run your social media accounts for you, giving you a competitive advantage by creating relationships with your target demographics, maximising customer retention and brand awareness.


Sponsorship approach

Through this approach, we will leverage relationships with our top hand-picked influencers in your niche who will create authentic content promoting your brand.


Affiliate approach

This is ideal for smaller budget campaigns. We will select a mix of up-and-coming with established creators in your niche to create content promoting your brand. This content will maximise sales and, therefore,  your ROI.

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